Everything you wanted to know about FOS and are no longer afraid to ask

10 November 2011

The FOS opened last week for the business of being open. It is now subject to the Freedom of Information Act.

However, the FOS web page on the pointsuggests the Service is trying to limit what will no doubt be a flood of requests.

The FOS' web page sets out a long list of facts and figures it is most frequently asked about, organised into seven categories adopting the Information Commissioner's model publication scheme for non-departmental public bodies covered by the FoIA.

And if you can't find the information you are looking for, you are invited to contact the FOS in the first instance.  Then, only at the very bottom of the page is there information on making a request under FoIA. The explanatory notes invite the reader to see whether the information is already available but, eventually, the contact details for the 'Information Rights Officer' are provided.

Conspiracy theorists and those who believe in a dastardly plot to favour complainants over respondent firms will, no doubt, be disappointed.  For those interested to understand better this complex parallel jurisdiction, FoI requests offer a real opportunity to probe its inner workings.  I am currently submitting requests on points of key concern to me and my clients and we will share any interesting results in due course.

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