RPC Bites #10

10 June 2020. Published by Ciara Cullen, Partner and Ben Mark, Partner

Welcome to RPC Bites. Our aim in the next 2 minutes is to provide you with a flavour of some key legal, regulatory and commercial developments in the Food & Drink sector over the last fortnight… with the occasional bit of industry gossip thrown in for good measure. Enjoy!

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Court ruling prevents Nestlé from serving up its "Incredible Burger" 

Following success in the US, Impossible Foods (IF) decided to launch its plant-based "Impossible Burger" in Europe. In February 2019, IF registered an EU trade mark (EUTM) for the product name.  

ASA ruling reaffirms that food and drink adverts must not claim to cure COVID-19

On 7 May 2020, the ASA issued its ruling on Instagram and Facebook adverts posted by Revival Drinks Ltd, promoting a product styled as "Revival Shots". Read more

The future of pubs

In Issue 9 of RPC Bites, we reported on some of the changes that high street food and drink retailers may look to implement, as the lockdown eases. In this issue, we have focussed on pubs, a popular feature of villages, towns and cities alike, which have been sorely missed by many in recent months.

Additional support for dairy farmers 

In Issue 7 of RPC Bites, we reported on the Government's decision to relax competition rules for dairy farmers, to address supply chain pressures that the COVID-19 outbreak has created. Some industry representatives were critical of the measures, believing that they did not go far enough. It seems someone was listening as the Government has recently announced further support. Read more

The ASA rules that Skinny Sauce advertising claims must be removed

Businesses are continually seeking new ways to cater for the growing demand for healthy food and drink choices. However, a recent ruling by the ASA serves as an important reminder that in doing so, consumers must not be misled. Read more

Extension of restrictions in Hong Kong for bars and restaurants

In Issue 8 of RPC Bites, we reported on the relaxation of some social distancing restrictions in Hong Kong, with amendments to the relevant regulations resulting in restaurants and bars reopening.  However, this was still subject to numerous conditions and restrictions - for example, bars could allow no more than 4 people per table, restaurants, no more than 8 and there had to be a distance of at least 1.5m between tables. Read more

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