A look at the Lloyd's Market Association

Published on 03 August 2020

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For this episode we are once again joined by Lee Elliston, our guest from episode 1, to talk about the LMA, who they are and what they do as well as getting an update on the Lloyd's blueprint for market reform.

Lee gives us insight into what the Lloyd's Market Association (LMA) actually is, what their purpose is and how they set about achieving that. He explains that the LMA work very closely with the corporation of Lloyd's but remain a separate entity with a goal of ensuring the success of managing agents operating in the market. Lee explains the vision of the LMA is to establish themselves as leaders in the market that can help and support the market, driving growth and success.

 Lee talks about the changes he has seen in his time at the LMA describing the last 18 months as a whirlwind of change, citing internal changes and updated value proposition being the driving force for positive change.

Finally Lee gives us an update on the progress of the Lloyd's blueprint and how COVID-19 has impacted progress. 

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