General liability newsletter April 2019

Published on 30 April 2019

The latest general liability news coming out of the courts.

This edition covers: 

Discount rate reform

The first review of the discount rate under the Civil Liability Act 2018 began on 19 March 2019. Read more

Royal Opera House fails in hearing loss appeal

The Royal Opera House (ROH) failed in its appeal against a decision that it was liable for breach of statutory duty causing injury to the hearing of a viola player in its orchestra. Read more.

Withdrawing an admission of liability – two recent examples

As we have commented in previous bulletins, persuading the Court to agree to reverse an admission of liability can be extremely difficult. Read more.

Vicarious liability - Court finds for Defendant after accident at Christmas party

In Shelbourne v Cancer Research UK [2019] EWHC 842 (QB) the Claimant was injured when she was lifted and accidentally dropped at a work Christmas party organised by the Defendant, her employer, by a visiting scientist, Robert Beilik. Read more.

Fixed costs awarded in settlements exceeding £25,000

In Ferri v Gill [2019] EWHC 952 (QB) the Claimant settled his claim for £42,000. The claim had started in the online claims portal (as submitted by his former solicitor). Read more.

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