Slipcase: How to know what you don’t know (With Alex Hearn)

Published on 20 September 2021

Welcome to Insurance Covered. In this episode we discuss Slipcase a curator of insurance focused news and insights. Our guest is Alex Hearn, Managing Director at Slipcase and we will be looking at how Slipcase can become a valuable tool for those working in the world of insurance.

We start by looking at what Slipcase is and why it was founded. Alex describes Slipcase in its simplest form as a central content platform for the global commercial and specialty sector of the insurance market with the simple aim of being a one stop shop to come and get all the information you might need on a day to day basis. Through a simple preferences form slipcase can tailor a newsfeed to an individual's specific areas of interest. If an aviation underwriter only wants news directly related to this area it's easy for him to find all the latest news in one place. Slipcase is available as a website and an app but also offers daily newsletters sent directly to your inbox with the news stories that relate to your selected areas of interest.

Alex goes on to explain that Slipcase partner with firms across the industry and collect any content they produce, be that a blog, a white paper, a video or a podcast and they take that information and add it to their central pool of information. This method helps subscribers by collecting all the information into one easy to access place and also benefits the firms as it amplifies the exposure of their articles.

We also discuss the plans for Slipcase in the future. Alex mentions that they have a desire to enhance the analytics they get from the platform and have hired data scientists to help make that a reality. They are also currently in the process of redesigning the interface to enable them to better highlight the big news stories and events taking place. So, the future aim for Slipcase is to become an even more detailed tool for users to digest information about the insurance world in ways that they will find easier and more useful.

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