Annual Insurance Review 2019

Published on 21 January 2019

Welcome to RPC’s Annual Insurance Review

Once again this year, many of the themes common across multiple sectors are global in nature. 

What's more, global reach is going to become increasingly important to the various business sectors covered by this review, as it already is for the insurance market. In Brexit Britain trade outside the EU takes on hugely increased significance for businesses, bringing with it the complexities of multiple and differing regulatory requirements, if not actual jurisdictional relocation. Assuming some form of exit from the EU eventually does occur, regulatory divergence from Europe must also be a real possibility.

And all this at a time when harmonised global trade appears increasingly under threat from a volatile geopolitical climate, with the rise of individual state protectionism, trade wars, sanctions and of course Brexit resulting in some warning of another global slowdown.

2019 promises to be a year of huge change – we at RPC look forward to supporting you with the challenges and opportunities it will bring, wherever they may arise.


To find out more, explore this year's highlights below or download the full Review.

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