Lisbon, a near-shore hub for UK business

01 May 2018. Published by Nigel Collins, Partner, Head of Japan Desk

Hosting a meeting at Hitachi Consulting's offices in Lisbon

I was lucky to be invited to host a meeting at Hitachi Consulting's rapidly expanding offices in beautiful Lisbon. Stunning views from their offices are an inspiration for their tech focussed staff. A cost-effective near-shore operation mostly servicing UK projects. I understand that a progressive Major has helped secure a lot of investment into the city since the financial crisis of 2008, in particular in the start-up tech scene. Across the board graduates and business people have massively improved their English ability. An impressive city with a talented pool of tech, engineering and Maths graduates coupled with a low cost of living. No coincidence that it continues to grow as a start-up tech hub.

 View from Hitachi Consulting's offices

(view from Hitachi Consulting's offices)

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