Virtual billboards: the future of immersive advertising?

15 January 2024. Published by Oliver Bray, Senior Partner and Elizabeth Alibhai, Partner and Nick Lauw, Partner

Imagine you’re walking down London’s Regent Street wearing a new set of smart glasses for the first time. Where there once was a blank wall, you now see a virtual billboard displaying advertising from your favourite brand, fully interactive and potentially even personalised specifically to you. This vision of the future is not as far off as it might seem. With immersive technologies rapidly developing and poised to become the norm in our everyday lives, the build of the infrastructure behind fully operational 'virtual billboards', including the 'Property Digital Rights' which underpin them, is already well underway thanks to ground-breaking AR gurus, Darabase.

Together with Darabase, RPC has published a white paper focusing on augmented reality through the lens of immersive advertising and the key legal issues that apply - particularly in relation to: 

  • property; 
  • advertising;
  • data protection; and
  • intellectual property.

The paper analyses the legal issues as we know them today, appreciating that there is so much more to come as the future of immersive technology, and its practical implementation, begins to unfold.

Download the white paper through Darabase here.

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