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The European Investment Bank

Published on 27 October 2021

In a world first, the Unspoken Giants podcast series brings together Multilateral Development Banks and International Financial Institutions to discuss the global fight against corruption.

 In this episode, Dominik Adamski, Head of the Fraud Detection Unit, and Mirela Lascu, a member of the Inspectorate General, at the European Investment Bank join Robert Waterson and Alice Kemp to discuss how this giant of international finance is fighting against the cancer of corruption in its mission to back the European Green Deal and make Europe carbon-neutral.

Discussing themes ranging from the mechanisms for investigating and sanctioning corruption and fraud, to efforts to ensure due process and consistency, the Unspoken Giants series provides a unique insight into multilateral development banks and international financial institutions like never before to help navigate the complex web of debarment regimes and ensure the best outcome.  

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