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About Us

How do you become UK law firm of the year? RPC earned that distinction in 2014 by relentlessly pursuing our clients’ interests. In the UK.  In Hong Kong.  In Singapore. And everywhere else we need to be. Taking a smarter approach to law, we can give you the advantages you need to build and consolidate your own success.


Smarter law

RPC's practice is broadly split into two discrete areas: insurance and commercial.  We mostly work for large multinationals, UK corporates and firms of fellow professionals.

Whatever the brief, our approach is consistent.  We think strategically, say what we mean and express ourselves clearly.  While we’re pernickety about detail, we never lose sight of the bigger picture.  At RPC, we make the complex simple. 


A collaborative approach

We’re always on our client’s side. That means asking lots of questions.  And sometimes giving tough advice. We think it’s our business to understand yours.  A relationship like that lets us work more efficiently and effectively with you to anticipate legal risks and highlight opportunities.


A global resource

Today almost every business is international in scope – either directly or through client/customer connections and supply chains that can circle the globe.  Wherever you are, we are.  In addition to offices in the UK and Asia, RPC is a founder-member of TerraLex – one of the world's largest legal networks.  That gives us strong links with law firms in over 100 jurisdictions.  The result: a seamless global service for every one of our clients.




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