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Diversity equity inclusion and belonging

We want our workplace to be one where everyone feels welcome, respected, valued and included, so they can succeed professionally and contribute fully to life at RPC.

At RPC, we believe that great minds do not all think alike. We believe in the power of difference – of diversity – diversity of thought, diversity of background, experience, skill and talent, diversity of characteristics. We believe that attracting, retaining and harnessing the power of this diversity does not come by chance, happenstance or mere passage of time. Instead, we believe that it is our collective responsibility to proactively create that diversity and to carefully nurture an environment which is inclusive on a consistent, intersectional and sustained basis. A culture where each of our people feels they belong, is respected, and is valued for the differences that they bring. DEIB is all about making sure our culture is and remains diverse and inclusive.

Employee communities 

We have eight DEIB ‘Communities’. Not because we want to put people in boxes but because we feel that this is the natural place to start the conversation – with people who feel passionate and connected to a particular strand of DEIB. But this is just the starting point as we recognise the value of a broader, intersectional approach. Members of our DEIB Communities representing teams (and offices) globally across the RPC network with steps being taken to ensure wherever possible that initiatives and resources impact all our people globally, where ever they are in the world. Currently, our Community Groups are as follows: 

  • Belief 
  • Disability (ENABLE) 
  • Ethnicity 
  • Families 
  • Gender 
  • Mental Health 
  • Social Mobility 

Our Communities aim to: 

  • Support: Provide a valuable support and information network for our people. 
  • Share: Act as a key awareness-raising body for our people and provide updates and information to the ESG Advisory Group (ESGAG), the DEIB/Responsible Business Team and/or the Partnership Executive (PEX), better enabling us to take an intersectional approach. 
  • Suggest: Collaborate with ESGAG and/or the DEIB/Responsible Business Team to support the ongoing development of the ESG strategy by raising and exploring issues, concerns and ideas working constructively and openly together.

For details of our Demographics, UK Gender Pay Gap and our Ethnicity Pay Gap, download our latest report below