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Training and development

At RPC, everyone plays a key role in delivering the quality of service our clients expect. So everyone has access to a wide range of training and development opportunities, we offer courses, coaching and on-the-job training.

The legal training programme- Lawyers at every level, in every practice area, benefit from legal training courses and lectures. These vary from one-offs to structured, modular programmes.

The core skills training programme for lawyers- This core programme of personal development comes at individuals’ career milestones. It begins with a professional skills course for those joining the firm as Trainees, and runs through to the Insight course for Senior Associates.

Other skills training for lawyers- These courses include the key areas of business development, communication skills and personal development.

Training for Trainee solicitors- All Trainees naturally receive the compulsory training required during their contracts. This includes the professional skills course, some elements of which are tailored to RPC. In addition to on-the-job training, participants attend firmwide legal training relevant to their seats.

Training for business support- An annual review process identifies training needs for our business support teams. There is a comprehensive list of skills courses available for attendance in-house. Generally, external courses meet any technical training needs.

IT training- Information technology is crucial in delivering a high-quality service to our clients. RPC’s dedicated IT Training team is responsible for ensuring that all of us have the knowledge and skills we need to make the most of the technology available.