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Trends in European Cyber Risk Insurance Risk Mitigation Webinar with GCRA

As rigorous testing to the applications of lower future claims risk by American cyber insurers increases, so has finding grounds to avoid paying on a claim by rescinding policies after a security gap is uncovered.

Duration: 45 Mins

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

This webinar focuses on whether this approach could also apply to European insurers.

In particular, the panel will discuss:

  • Current trends being followed by U.S. insurers.
  • Whether European insurers are likely to take a similar position in the event of alleged inadequate disclosure & the remedies available to them.
  • The potential impact such an approach might have on the SME & mid-size cyber insurance market as to taking on / renewing coverage.
  • Facing continued upward trend in ransomware & other cyber attacks, what alternative approaches might or do insurers look to take where these kinds and/or related issues are identified.

Location: Virtual

Date: Tuesday 7 November 2023

Time: 1600 - 1645

Location: Past event