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Recoveries and subrogation

ReCover is a dedicated Scheme with claims management system designed to proactively drive recovery cases with the added benefit of providing key management information and bordereaux.

RPC has operated a successful subrogated recovery service since 1997. ReCover is a market leading product under which recoveries are pursued for insurers and insured under a Collective Conditional Fee Agreement (CCFA). This allows us to recover insurers' and the insured's outlay on all claims where there has been a negligent third party at minimal cost to insurers/insured.

This dedicated claims management system, created by us, is designed to assist proactivity and drive the cases forward. It provides clients with key management information and bordereaux on demand to allow them to assess and measure our performance.

Managed by Andrew Roper, ReCover accesses highly motivated specialist claimant lawyers and claims handlers who vigorously pursue claims from day one to settlement or the conclusion of the case at trial.

We will review closed files, within the primary limitation period, at no cost, to assist insurers to identify potential recoveries, which could significantly boost an insurers' bottom line.

Any new instructions or enquiries should be sent by email to Alternatively please call Andrew on 020 3060 6930.

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