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Life sciences

We're renowned for finding pragmatic solutions to problems in the medical and life sciences sectors.

We work with private healthcare providers of all types. They include hospitals, clinics, care homes, diagnostic services and out-of-hours organisations. Individual practitioners such as doctors, dentists, nurses and therapists also choose us when they need expert legal help.

Our claims expertise covers everything from minor claims to catastrophic and fatal injuries.

We advise on clinical governance issues, such as adverse outcomes and serious incidents, and devise strategies to maintain and improve patient standards. 

We understand risk and can resolve disputes throughout the lifecycle of life science products. This means we can help you deal with issues relating to research and development, compliance and liability claims against established products.

In the medical malpractice and life sciences sectors, we're experienced in multi-party and group litigation. We also advise on CE marking, data protection, confidentiality, consent and disclosure of records.

Where we need to work alongside lawyers in other jurisdictions, we call upon our international best friend network of law firms to provide local expertise. This helps us ensure we find the right local lawyer for the job thereby keeping cost and indemnity spend down.



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