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FIG - Female Insurance Group

RPC's Female Insurance Group (FIG) is a network established to put women from across the insurance industry in touch with one another for support and professional development.

Since its launch in April 2013, FIG has been hard at work to promote gender equality in the Workplace.  We have expanded to Asia where FIGA hosts several events throughout the year from our offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. The network now has over 1,000 members, all of whom enjoy the benefit of access to first-class training and networking events.  Recognising the need to equip our members with the necessary confidence and skills to develop and excel into their workplaces, in April 2020 we introduced our Boardroom Ready programme, with the aim of providing opportunities for members to learn, develop and hone their skills on a wide range of topics, from overcoming imposter syndrome, to how to be an effective board member, to developing communication skills.

As we now take on changes both within the workplace and society more widely, FIG will be broadening to become gender neutral, allowing for combined input from a range of people around RPC, the insurance market and beyond. This will open up areas for new events and initiatives and encourage the conversation in a much broader way. Our focus now will not only be on maintaining the engagement we have received up until now from our members but also driving support from a wider audience.

And we'll keep that going in Bristol, Hong Kong and Singapore as well, where the programme continues to expand and grow.

You can also join our LinkedIn Group here to keep up to date on upcoming events, webinars and information.  

"I’ve really enjoyed all of the FIG sessions we’ve had this past year, by the way, it’s been a great moral support and confidence boost when things seem a little gloomy and low. Some fantastic speakers, and nice to feel part of a 'community'." - Amanda Langer, SCOR



FIG: Brain Power and Body Talk – Tuesday 24 May 2022

FIG: The Art of Coaching – Wednesday 6 April 2022

FIG: Building your Resilience – Tuesday 22 February 2022

FIG - Three Unconventional Steps for your life - and leadership - to feel effortless – Thursday 20 January 2022

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