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Cyber_Bytes - Issue 5 2019

Topic: Data and privacy 10.12.2019 Read more

A litigator's quiz: Second candle of Advent

Topic: Commercial Disputes 09.12.2019 Read more
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Tax update - December 2019

Topic: Tax Take 05.12.2019 Read more

Prevention principle – can parties sue for breach of contract occasioned by their own breach?

Topic: Commercial Disputes 05.12.2019 Read more
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Locke – Court of Appeal quashes follower and accelerated payment notices

Topic: Tax Take 04.12.2019 Read more
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Can retail drones deliver the goods?

Topic: Retail Therapy 03.12.2019 Read more
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Bossing the rules

Topic: Professional and Financial Risks 03.12.2019 Read more
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A Litigator's Quiz: First Candle of Advent

Topic: Commercial Disputes

Legal professional privilege burns bright in the hearts of most disputes lawyers. Does it burn bright enough to light the first Advent candle in 2019?

02.12.2019 Read more

Product liability update - November 2019

Topic: Insurance and Reinsurance 02.12.2019 Read more
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Does workplace recycling deserve to be binned?

Topic: Trainees take on business

Published by Hannah Ridzuan-Allen, Trainee Solicitor

It has been a big year for action on climate change - from Greta Thunberg's impassioned speech at the UN, to the Extinction Rebellion's pink yacht, which blockaded Oxford Circus. In a number of ways the British public are making greater efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Over the past two decades, the rate of household recycling has risen from 11% in 2000 to 45.2% in 2017/18.

29.11.2019 Read more