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Reality Retail

Topic: Retail Therapy 16.02.2018 Read more

Corporate tax update

Topic: Tax Take 15.02.2018 Read more
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Court of Appeal holds that a facility agreement based on the LMA model form does not constitute lenders' standard terms for UCTA: But never say never…

Topic: Commercial Disputes 15.02.2018 Read more

Brexit chess game to be played out at Chequers

Topic: Medical and Life Sciences 15.02.2018 Read more
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Customs and excise quarterly update, February 2018

Topic: Tax Take 13.02.2018 Read more
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Mr Justice Langstaff to chair contaminated blood inquiry

Topic: Medical and Life Sciences 13.02.2018 Read more
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Insuring Cryptocurrency risk, and why a duck might not actually be a duck

Topic: Professional and Financial Risks 13.02.2018 Read more
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ICOs in Hong Kong

Topic: Trainees take on business

Published by Christopher To, Trainee Solicitor

We have all seen the rise in the price of Bitcoin in the last year, and may also be aware (at the very least) of the existence of ICOs. But what are ICOs? And what legal framework do they operate in? ICOs in Hong Kong.

13.02.2018 Read more

Sabotage at sea - The LADY M

Topic: Shipping and International Trade 13.02.2018 Read more
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RICS Conflict Avoidance Pledge

Topic: Built Environment

Published by Rebecca May, Associate

It is a well-known fact that the costs of resolving disputes can quickly escalate, and that it is often not cost and time effective to pursue even mid-sized claims through arbitration or litigation. In an attempt to circumvent the need for this sort of dispute resolution, by avoiding disagreements developing into disputes, the Conflict Avoidance Coalition has formed and introduced a "Conflict Avoidance Pledge".

12.02.2018 Read more