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Select Committee Inquiry into the impact of Solvency II

Topic: Corporate Insurance and Financial Services 26.09.2016 Read more

Brexit - A brief update on investment funds

Topic: Financial Services Regulatory and Risk 22.09.2016 Read more
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Pragmatism in the High Court: Correcting errors in arbitration

Topic: Commercial Disputes 22.09.2016 Read more

Javed And Azra Mughal - Tribunal considers the rules relevant to "hardship" applications

Topic: Tax Take 21.09.2016 Read more
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Refusing to pay up? You'll need a good case

Topic: Built Environment 16.09.2016 Read more
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Tribunal allows set-off of corporation tax loss against income tax profit

Topic: Tax Take 14.09.2016 Read more
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FAMR keeps on giving

Topic: Financial Services Regulatory and Risk 13.09.2016 Read more
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Blocking the blockers: EU prohibits network-wide ad-blocking

Topic: Tech

Published by Ben Kerry, Associate and more.

Mobile phone operators' plans to introduce network-wide ad-blocking technology are in jeopardy following new guidance from EU telecoms regulators, a move which highlights the divide between content providers and telecoms companies in their attitude towards ad-free content.

12.09.2016 Read more

Errors of law in MTIC case leads to case being remitted to the First-tier Tribunal

Topic: Tax Take 09.09.2016 Read more
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It doesn't rain it pours… New capital adequacy rules for SIPP firms introduced from 1 September

Topic: Financial Services Regulatory and Risk

Published by Rachael Healey, Senior Associate

SIPPs are never far from the headlines at the moment. The most recent issue for SIPP firms to deal with are the new capital adequacy requirements. The effect of the new rules is to place an increased capital burden on SIPP firms holding so-called "non-standard assets".

06.09.2016 Read more