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Product liability update November 2018

Published on 30 November 2018

A round-up of product liability news and stories making the headlines.

Autonomous cars – the future

The Law Commission has launched its consultation into reforms which may be required to the law to keep pace with and support the development of autonomous or “self-driving” cars. It is not proposed that there will be dedicated road networks for autonomous cars and therefore the consultation concerns the introduction of greater automation to the existing network. Read more.

Contaminated blood inquiry underway

The statutory inquiry regarding infected blood, headed by retired Judge Sir Brian Langstaff, has started. The inquiry relates to infection of people receiving blood transfusions, or plasma replacement for haemophiliacs, who were inadvertently infected with Hepatitis C and/or HIV due to contaminated combined blood products being purchased from the USA. Read more.

Pret sandwich allergy death

The inquest into the death of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse concluded that her death was caused by an allergic reaction to sesame, which was not listed on the ingredients of a sandwich she bought at Heathrow airport. Read more.

Gosport hospital enquiry – faulty syringe drivers

A whistleblower has come forward from the Government inquiry into the Gosport deaths, caused by potentially faulty syringe drivers, the suggestion being that the scale of the issue of the drivers which may have been used nationally has been covered up. Read more.