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Responsible Business

Two years ago I put ESG at the heart of our four-year strategy. In two years’ time I want to take it out.

My vision is that, by 2025, being a responsible business should no longer need singling out as a strategic priority for RPC, but should simply be an intrinsic part of who we are; permeating all of our operations; embedded in our DNA. An ambitious target, for sure, but one which – as this report demonstrates so compellingly – we have made huge strides towards achieving.

That achievement stems from nurturing our inclusive culture; that’s critical, now so more than ever. We need not just to learn to live with difference, but celebrate and embrace it. It’s what unites us.

It’s no coincidence that our firmwide proposition is underpinned by a commitment to responsible growth. Working in the right way to achieve the right outcomes, for our people and our clients, is fundamental to our success. We are under no illusions that this is a journey without end. But this report illustrates the significant distance we have already travelled. I’m looking forward to seeing how much further we can go, into 2024 and beyond.

James Miller, Managing Partner
December 2023

Our second Responsible Business Report tells the story of ESG at RPC so far.

Download Responsible Business Report 2023/24 File type: PDF Size: 11342 KB

DEIB (Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging)

At RPC, we believe that great minds do not all think alike. We believe in the power of difference – of diversity – diversity of thought, diversity of background, experience, skill and talent, diversity of characteristics. We believe that attracting, retaining and harnessing the power of this diversity does not come by chance, happenstance or mere passage of time. Instead, we believe that it is our collective responsibility to proactively create that diversity and to carefully nurture an environment which is inclusive on a consistent, intersectional and sustained basis. A culture where each of our people feels they belong, is respected, and is valued for the differences that they bring. DEIB is all about making sure our culture is and remains diverse and inclusive.

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Pro Bono

At RPC, we care about people.

We're committed to supporting all the communities in which we work by providing pro bono legal services to organisations and individuals that cannot afford legal assistance.

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