Security alerts

The most common scams that target individuals use fake emails (a technique known as phishing), fake text messages (SMSishing or smishing) or voice calls (vishing).

Where we become aware of any of these type of scams relating to RPC, we will publish information about them here.


11/08/20: Spoofed/Fake Email "You've joined the EXO-GuestDynamic3 Group" 

RPC have received reports of spoofed emails being sent to individuals claiming to be an invitation from our employee Johnny Orchard. Please be aware these emails are fraudulent and do not originate from RPC, and we would never send out an invitation to join a group in this way.


30 Aug 2019: Spoofed/Fake email campaign: "Abandoned Investment"

RPC has received reports of fraudulent emails being sent to members of the public from the email address claiming to be from John Rowland – Partner at RPC and referencing an Abandoned Investment.

These emails are fraudulent and do not originate from RPC and should be disregarded.




How to report a Spoofed/Fake or a Phishing Email

If you have received a suspicious email relating to RPC, which is not listed above, follow the steps below:
  • Don't click on links or open any attachments within the message.
  • Forward the email as an attachment to the address below and then delete it.
  • If you have clicked on any link or opened an attachment in the email, report it immediately to your own IT support team.
        RPC security alerts email