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Snapshots - Summer 2018

Published on 10 August 2018

A roundup of key legal developments for the modern commercial lawyer.

Key snapshots this quarter include: the Supreme Court confirming that no oral modification clauses are effective, while the Blackpool Football Club case reinforces the benefits of drafting good recitals; the ASA referring Viagogo to National Trading Standards and the Court of Appeal landing on an injunction workable for the digital age; and, finally, lots of GDPR follow through - including ICO guidance on why consent is not the silver bullet for GDPR compliance! Enjoy. 

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Advertising & Marketing

  • Advertised delivery restrictions and surcharges: CAP Enforcement Notice. Read more

  • CAP Guidance on 'Compulsory costs and charges: Delivery charges'. Read more

  • ASA refers Viagogo to Trading Standards for misleading advertising. Read more

  • ASA: misleading “was” price claim: Victoria Plum. Read more

  • ASA: "was" prices did not represent genuine savings against usual selling prices - Currys. Read more

  • ASA: "our best prices" claim misleading – Sky UK. Read more

  • ASA: omission of promotional T&Cs: prettylittlething. Read more

  • ASA: blind taste test not misleading - Bulmers. Read more

  • ASA: "studio-quality" camera claim not misleading - Apple. Read more

  • CAP consults on harmful gender stereotypes. Read more

  • CAP announces 12 month review of rules on advertising HFSS products. Read more

Commercial cases

  • Contractual Interpretation - no oral modification clauses. Read more

  • Contractual interpretation – express "good faith" clauses. Read more

  • Contractual interpretation – recitals. Read more

  • Damages – "negotiating damages" for breach of contract. Read more

Data protection

  • UK's data retention powers incompatible with EU Law. Read more

  • Fine for theft of employer’s personal data. Read more

  • The new data protection fee. Read more

  • Administrator of Facebook fan page held to be data controller. Read more

  • ICO guidance: “consent is not the silver bullet for GDPR compliance”. Read more

  • ICO draft guidance: legitimate interests as a lawful basis for processing. Read more

  • ICO draft guidance: Data Protection Impact Assessments. Read more

  • WP29 revised guidelines: personal data breach notification. Read more

Trade marks

  • Blocking orders in relation to counterfeit goods. Read more

  • Injunctions in the age of digital media. Read more

Technology/ Digital

  • DCMS report on cyber security for the Internet of Things. Read more

  • European Commission Recommendation on illegal content online. Read more
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