The Alexandros T

04 December 2013. Published by Jake Hardy, Partner

The Supreme Court in The Alexandros T has delivered an important decision on the application of Articles 27 and 28 of Regulation 44/2001 in the English courts.

The decision has once again emphasised the importance which the English courts in particular will attribute to contractual jurisdiction clauses and their willingness to give them wide effect. While the English courts might be seen by many as in the vanguard on these issues, it is of course in tune with the amendments to the Brussels regime which will be introduced in 2015 under Regulation 1215/2012[1]. The Supreme Court's decision also sets down an important procedural marker which defendants to English proceedings must take into account when considering potential objections to jurisdiction under the Brussels regime and the timing of those. For the full case comment, please click here.

[1]OJ L 351, 20.12.2012

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