The Food, Beverage and Cosmetics Law Review: United Kingdom - Second Edition

Published on 14 November 2022

RPC is excited to announce that the Second Edition UK chapter of the Food, Beverage and Cosmetics Law Review has been published and is available to download.

Led by RPC's Ciara Cullen and Ben Mark, co-heads of the Food and Drink group, a team from across the firm collaborated to produce the content. The result is a high-level but comprehensive review of the issues facing the sectors.
Topics range from brands and IP to marketing and advertising, product labelling, M&A, competition, supply chain issues and product safety and compliance. The chapter also features a round-up of the previous year and a horizon scanning section, which looks at the key trends and likely focal points for 2023.
Highlights from the chapter include timely coverage of restrictions in relation to products high in fat, salt or sugar, under sustainability there's a plastics update dealing with the Environment Act 2021 and the UK's Plastic Packaging tax, ASA's amendments to the BCAP and CAP code rules on low alcohol drinks and much more. 
The second edition of the chapter also explores the renewed challenges which continue to impact the UK's food, beverage and cosmetics industries following post Brexit challenges as well as global supply chain disruption, an energy crisis brought on by the war in Ukraine, declining consumer confidence, widespread threats of strike action and rapidly increasing inflation and interest rate rises.
It's the perfect guide for new entrants to the UK market, as well as start-ups. It’s also ideal for anyone wanting a high-level refresher of the key issues and themes to consider when operating in the UK's thriving and highly competitive food, drink and cosmetic industries.
We are very proud of our work on the chapter and hope you enjoy reading it. For any questions, please contact Ciara Cullen, Sarah Mountain or your usual RPC contact. 
Authors: Ciara Cullen, Ben Mark, Sarah Mountain, Ellie Ward, Harpreet Kaur, Karen Hendy, Tom Purton, Oliver Bray, Dorothy Flower, Gavin Reese, Mamata Dutta, Florence Page, Melanie Musgrave, Hettie Homewood, Eleanor Harley, Andrew Martin and Joshy Thomas.

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