General liability update October 2017

Published on 17 October 2017

The latest general liability news coming out of the courts.

Case Law update

Discount rate

In February the Government announced the only negative discount rate in the world (minus 0.75%). There was immediate pressure put on the Government to reconsider this change and the associated consultation has led to the announcement that legislation will be implemented to adjust the rate to a figure likely to be between 0% and 1%. Until then, the discount rate remains at minus 0.75%. Read more.

Admissions – the interests of justice will prevail over all else

The decision whether or not to admit certain facts or even liability in response to a claim is always an important one. Read more.

Defendant’s failure to disclose crucial documents pre-action penalised in costs when claim discontinues

Another example of how the interests of justice influence the decision of the Court is Nicole Chapman v Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Read more.

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