Spotlight on private wealth - September 2020

Published on 14 September 2020

Our quarterly update is designed to keep you up to speed with developments in the private wealth world.

In this edition we explore forgeries in the art world and will-making, the forfeiture rule and the latest guidance on trusts registration. If you have any feedback on this update or would like to know more about the issues covered, or anything else, please get in touch.

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The big question

Challenging a will – how can you secure the evidence?

If there are suspicions or doubts about the circumstances in which a will was made or the capacity of the testator to make a will, there are ways to find out more. Solicitors are obliged to provide details of their involvement in the preparation of a will, and the court also has powers to help gather information. In a recent case1, the court took a broad view of the type of documents which an individual was obliged to disclose in order to determine whether a will was valid. Read more

What's new?

  • Fraud and forgery – not an easy challenge. Read more
  • Michael Vaughan – High Court declines to rectify contract to prevent tax charge. Read more
  • Forfeiting the Forfeiture Rule. Read more

RPC asks

  • Trusts Register – what’s the latest? Read more
  • Remote execution of wills – enough control? Read more

And in the art world

  • Genuine Gaugin? The saga continues. Read more

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