Financial CrimeCast: Sue Scott

Published on 19 March 2021

Welcome to Financial CrimeCast. In this series, the Centre for Legal Leadership, supported by RPC, talks to leaders in the field of financial crime, compliance and ethics. Guests discuss their career journey, what they have learnt along the way and the financial crime issues they see on the horizon.

In this episode, Sam Tate, Head of White Collar Crime and Compliance at RPC, is joined by Sue Scott, who until recently held the position of HSBC's Global Head of Anti-bribery & Corruption. During Sue's senior leadership positions she has led extensive risk management, policy development and global training projects.

Sue's career charts a fascinating course, from team secretary completing a law degree through night-school, to heading up global compliance change programmes for one of the world's largest financial institutions. Sue offers some sage career advice during this episode, including making sure you look for role models and not just the role in your next career move. 

Sue shares her insightful views on the need for greater data sharing between competitors, a more joined up approach between internal risk functions and the impact of increased corporate focus on Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues. 

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