Introducing our new commercial law briefings for retailers

11 September 2017

Our popular series of concise commercial law 'Snapshots' is now available on our website. We have handpicked the Snapshots which you, as retailers, most need to know.

Our legal 'Snapshots' provide short and snappy updates on the recent issues that matter most to you, as retailers.


We spot and summarise the key legal developments across advertising, data protection, consumer, technology / digital, IP and commercial cases.


Each Snapshot focuses on the key questions: What's the development? Why does it matter? And what should you be doing about it?


Take a look below, for a taster of our recent Snapshots:


Data protection


With ever-increasing options for data-driven retail, the upcoming GDPR has put data high on the management agenda. Our Snapshots help to keep you on top of those changes, including:


  • The new ePrivacy Regulation – a summary of the regime which will replace the PEC Regulations on direct marketing. (click here)  
  • ICO fines for emails seeking consent to marketing and practical tips for retailers' own GDPR preparation. (click here)
  • The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) consultation on its draft guidance on consent under GDPR. (click here)
  • The ICO's revised Code of Practice for dealing with subject access requests. (click here)
  • What defences and exemptions can be used to block a data subject access request? (click here

Advertising/marketing and consumer


The latest guidance and rulings from the Advertising Standards Agency and its sister organisation, the CAP, touch on a wide range of topics, including:


  • How and when should you flag a promotion's T&Cs to consumers (including on social media)? (click here)
  • What steps must advertisers take to prevent children from seeing age-restricted ads? (click here)
  • Do you need to exclude Northern Ireland from prize draws? (click here)
  • What happens if you run out of prizes for a promotion? What constitutes a “reasonable estimate of the likely consumer response”? (click here)

Tech, IP and Commercial cases


Our commercial case Snapshots cut through to the salient issues and provide the practical takeaways:


  • What is the current approach to contractual interpretation? (case update on Wood v Capita Insurance Services) (click here)
  • Did the sale of pet food by reference to the “ZUMA” brand infringe the trade mark rights of a high end restaurant operating under the same name? (click here)
  • When is an “all reasonable endeavours” obligation unenforceable? (case update on Astor management AG v Atalaya Mining plc) (click here)
  • How do the courts interpret limitation clauses? (case update on McGee Group Ltd v Galliford Try Building Ltd) (click here)
To see the full range of briefings, head over to our Snapshots homepage, here.

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