E-procurement for public tenders will become mandatory

Published on 04 July 2018

After 18 October 2018, all public procurement communications, including transmission of requests for participation and submission of tenders (ie announcement of procurement
processes, receiving offers from bidding companies or issuing any public tender notices) must be electronic.

Why does it matter?

Any procurement processes that are ongoing when the provision comes into force will have to comply with this requirement.

There are some exceptions to the above, including:

  • if it is necessary to use non-electronic communications due to a breach of security
  • a high level of security is required that cannot be ensured using available electronic means
  • applications that support certain file formats needed are not generally available
  • using electronic communication would require specialised office equipment that is not generally available, and/or
  • submission of physical or scale models which cannot be sent using electronic means.

What action should you take?

  • You should ensure that all public tender correspondence and documentation is transmitted using appropriate electronic means after 18 October 2018.
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