Exploring tax from an ESG perspective

Published on 07 June 2024

In this month's episode, Alexis Armitage, RPC's Taxing Matters host and Senior Associate in our Tax Disputes team, is joined by Paul Monaghan, Chief Executive and co-founder of the Fair Tax Foundation to discuss the growing interest in tax from an ESG perspective, and the work of the Fair Tax Foundation.

In this special episode for Fair Tax Week, Alexis and Paul discuss:

  • the Fair Tax Foundation and its aims
  • tax transparency and good governance
  • how organisations can become Fair Tax Mark accredited
  • the requirements for accreditation
  • key performance indicators

Find out more about the Fair Tax Foundation and their work here https://fairtaxmark.net/.

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If you would like to discuss any of the matters raised in this episode, please contact Adam Craggs and Alexis Armitage.

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