Water cooler and triangular chairs

Tech-driven arbitration? What else can we look forward to in arbitration in the UK?

25 February 2021. Published by Tatiana Minaeva, Partner and Head of Investor-State Arbitration and Kirtan Prasad, Senior Associate

Even though 2020 was hit by an unprecedented pandemic, it resulted in irreversible changes to the scene of cross-border disputes.

Virtual hearings became the norm, Halliburton v Chubb saw the thorny issue of arbitrator bias laid bare and a new arbitration institution - the London Chamber of Arbitration and Mediation (co-founded by our very own Jonathan Wood) - was launched with its promise of an innovative and tech-driven approach to arbitration.  What further developments did we see in the UK last year and what can we hope to see as we are slowly released from lockdown?

Tatiana Minaeva and Kirtan Prasad explore this in their chapter for Financier Worldwide's InDepth feature on Commercial Arbitration. Click the box below to read more.