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Cyber_Bytes - Issue 23

02 October 2020. Published by Richard Breavington, Partner and Daniel Guilfoyle, Partner and Rachel Ford, Senior Associate

Welcome to Cyber_Bytes, a round up of key developments in cyber, tech and evolving risks over the last two weeks.

Cyber Insurance Guidance

The National Cyber Security Centre have released guidance for organisations that are considering purchasing cyber insurance. The guidance states that, in a world where cyber threats are varied (and constantly changing), cyber insurance can help organisations get back on their feet, should something cyber related go wrong.  

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New data breach notification feature for iOS 14

Apple's new iOS 14 release has a new feature to warn users that their stored passwords have been compromised in data breaches. The new feature aims to check stored credentials against a list of known data breaches. The check is said to be performed with the use of strong cryptographic techniques, regularly checking derivations of the owner's passwords against a list of breached passwords in a secure and private way that doesn’t reveal the actual password information, even to Apple.

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Rising Attacks on UK Academia prompt Cyber Security Alert

The National Cyber Security Centre has issued an alert warning against an increase in ransomware attacks being carried out against the education sector. The NCSC has said that the alert follows a spate of online attacks with the potential to de-rail preparations for the new term.   This fits with our own experience of having assisted with a number of recent incidents targeted at academic institutions.

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First Cyber-related death in targeted cyber attack

A targeted attack on a German hospital has resulted in the first death linked to a cyber-attack. Doctors were unable to start treating a patient following the incident. 

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Cyber Risk highlighted for customer data theft

Which? has called for tougher penalties for organisations that fail to prevent data breaches following a study that has been carried out.  The study revealed that around 46% of people whose data was stolen by hackers then went on to experience fraud, and that people reported having had their mental health impacted as a result of being impacted by a data breach.  

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Cyber-attack hits National Park

The Brecon Beacons National Park Authority is working with the Police in its recovery from a cyber-attack experienced in early September. It has been confirmed that the incident has been reported to the Information Commissioner's Office but the Park has advised that it has no reason to believe any personal data has been accessed or downloaded as a result of the incident.

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