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The Work Couch: Business protection (Part 2): Supporting and retaining senior talent

Published on 12 July 2023

Welcome to The Work Couch, the podcast series where we explore how your business can navigate today's tricky people challenges and respond to key developments in the ever-evolving world of employment law.

In the second part of our mini-series on business protection, we explore how businesses can support and retain their senior talent. Ellie Gelder is joined by two age inclusion champions: Liz Gray, who heads up EY’s support for retiring partners, and Simon Long, growth director at 55 Redefined, an organisation that supports the over 50s and advocates for age diversity, positivity and inclusion across all areas of life. They discuss:

  • The business case for age inclusion, in particular for those aged over 50;
  • How EY is supporting its partners well before their retirement to explore other opportunities, including mentoring the next generation, getting involved with charitable causes, or broadening their hobbies and passions outside work; 
  • Simon's personal experience of age exclusion, the impact on his wellbeing and how 55 Redefined is helping businesses to become age inclusive employers;
  • Gaining buy-in from senior stakeholders to embed an age-friendly approach and raising awareness through lived experiences, data and mentoring;
  • The importance of flexibility in achieving an intergenerational workforce;
  • How AI will affect age inclusion in the future and the opportunities it presents; and
  • Challenges and opportunities for the legal sector in adopting an age-inclusive approach.

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