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The Work Couch: How is the Cost of Living crisis affecting DEIB?

Published on 22 March 2023

Welcome to our recently launched podcast, The Work Couch. In this series, we explore how your business can navigate today's tricky people challenges and respond to key developments in the ever-evolving world of employment law.

As well as the law, the emphasis of The Work Couch is also firmly on people: we will explore different perspectives and experiences to help you establish practical and inclusive solutions.

In our second episode, we lift the lid on how the cost of living crisis is affecting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB); the red flags employers should look out for; and the practical steps organisations can take to help alleviate the impact of the economic crisis for their workforce.

Ellie Gelder talks to partner, and recently named WIPL Ally of the Year 2023, Kelly Thomson about:

  • The unique, and often hidden, financial challenges faced by different communities, including people with disabilities and the LGBTQ+ community;
  • Spotting the signs of financial hardship that might be affecting a person's ability to work effectively or their mental wellbeing, and red flags to watch out for;
  • Intersectional challenges to bear in mind;
  • Practical steps businesses can take to support affected employees; and
  • How the cost of living crisis is a key opportunity to ensure DEIB is baked into your organisation's DNA.

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The Work Couch would like to thank Kelly Thomson for her invaluable expertise on this topic.

All information is correct at the time of recording. Please note that this podcast was recorded before the UK Government's Spring 2023 budget.

The Work Couch is not a substitute for legal advice.