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Bates v Hewitt: the Duty of Utmost Good Faith - Part 2 (With Professor Robert Merkin KC)

Published on 03 October 2022

Welcome to Insurance Covered, the podcast that covers everything insurance. This is the second of our two part series looking at Carter v Boehm and the duty of utmost good faith. For this episode Peter is joined by Professor Robert Merkin.

In this episode we discuss:

  • A recap of the last episode, and the story of Carter v Boehm.
  • An overview of another key case, Bates v Hewitt
  • Insight into the key individuals involved in the case, Edward Bates, and an insurance underwriter 'Hewitt'
  • How the decision in Bates v Hewitt defined the way in which duty of good faith was interpreted in the future.

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