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How to create an insurer - the Inigo story (a podcast with Karen Graves)

Published on 05 October 2021

Welcome to Insurance Covered. In this episode our guest is Karen Graves, Chief Operating Officer at Inigo Insurance and we will be discussing what goes into creating an insurer.

We start by getting some background on who Inigo are and what they do. Karen describes them as a traditional managing agency style syndicate. They have a variety of books, from property, terror and political violence to general liability, D&O and energy liability.

We go on to discuss the different stages of setting up Inigo. Karen explains they purchased StarStone from Enstar as a starting point. StarStone were an existing managing agency, so the framework for how it would work was already in place and provided a foundation for what Inigo would become. She goes on to explain that there were two main phases in setting up Inigo. The first was to get the syndicate up and running by getting their business plan approved by Lloyd's and start to get underwriters in. The second phase was finalising the deal in terms of buying agency from Enstar. 

In this episode we also discuss:

  • The challenges of setting up a business in a pandemic
  • Karen's role as COO
  • Inigo's plans for the future.

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