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Meditations on Insurance and Society 4: Unmoved Mover

Published on 17 August 2023

Welcome to Insurance Covered summer special miniseries Meditations on Insurance and Society.

Welcome to Insurance Covered summer special mini series Meditations on Insurance and Society.

Normally on this podcast Peter is joined by a guest to discuss an aspect of the wonderful world of insurance. But, this August, we are doing something different. Instead of our normal fortnightly podcast, we are releasing an 8 episode mini series focusing on the role that insurance has played throughout history in shaping society. They will incorporate a bit of history, a bit of philosophy, some psychology, a lot of insurance and… who knows what else.

In part four we look at:

  • The psychology of insurance
  • Why we buy insurance
  • The impact insurance has on 'moral hazard'
  • The paradox of insurance - 'It changes nothing but changes everything'
  • The impact of insurance in 3 historically important events; the industrial revolution in Britain, the war of independence in America & the North Atlantic trade in enslaved Africans.
  • Insurance as the great 'Unmoved Mover'

We hope you enjoy the first of our summer special series and will follow along with new episodes releasing every Monday and Thursday throughout August.

Regular episodes will resume in September. 

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