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Recruitment in the insurance industry

Published on 22 December 2020

Welcome to Insurance Covered! The podcast that looks at the inner workings of the insurance industry with the help of expert guests. Our guest this week is Paul Miller, Senior Consultant at HFG Insurance Recruitment, and our topic for discussion will be recruitment in the insurance industry.

We start by discussing Paul's career and how he became involved with HFG, a specialist recruitment agency for the insurance industry. Paul explains that the appeal of the insurance industry was the people and culture. "The openness of the insurance industry was a perfect fit". Paul goes on to explain what HFG do. He explains that they specialise solely within the insurance industry, covering general insurance, life insurance, Lloyd's market, and also up and coming technology companies and consultancy firms as well.

Paul goes on to say that the insurance industry has something for everyone, it's so broad and far reaching, it plays a part in almost every industry across the world. "If you are interested in animals then you can do livestock or equine, if you're interested in art then obviously you can go down that route, if you're interested in technology then there's lots of options in cyber". 

We then discuss how new graduates can find opportunities in the insurance industry. Paul mentions the traditional route of graduate schemes, that often recruit a year in advance. He offers the alternative option of looking at individual trainee intakes and how you can go about identifying the right opportunities for you. 

We end our recruitment segment of the podcast discussing how COVID-19 has impacted the recruitment industry. Paul was optimistic that despite the difficult environment there are still opportunities coming up, however he is seeing much bigger competition for jobs.

We finish with a discussion on insurance history.  Paul's dedicates his LinkedIn feed to highlighting fun and interesting facts about the insurance market, giving a whole new insight to people outside the industry. He gives the example of how a group of Lloyd's underwriters created the stunt double industry by offering insurance that allowed for risky action sequences to be filmed that may otherwise have been removed from films. 

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