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Star Wars special: The insurance of the Death Star

Published on 09 May 2024

Welcome to Insurance Covered, the podcast that covers everything insurance. In this episode we are doing something a little different, Peter is joined by an ensemble cast of experts to answer the question, in the Star Wars universe, could the Death Star be insured, and if so, what policies would cover it.

Peter is joined by:

  • Bruce Carman, CUO at Hive Underwriters
  • Calum Lamont KC, Barrister at Keating Chambers
  • Neil Fleming, Space Risk Analyst at Ascot Group
  • Paul Miller, Compliance Recruiter at HFG

In this episode we cover:

  • What exactly the 'Death Star' is
  • If an aviation war insurer would consider insuring the Death Star and what the concerns of underwriting the Death Star would be
  • Whether there would be a claim resulting from the inherent design flaws that resulted in it's destruction
  • If any kind of space insurance would cover the Death Star in a similar way in which it would insure satellites
  • The answer to the question: Is the Death Star insurable.

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