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The Titanic: a tale of insurance (a podcast with Paul Miller)

Published on 02 November 2021

Welcome to Insurance Covered. In this episode our guest is Paul Miller, Senior Consultant at HFG Insurance Recruitment, and we will be discussing the sinking of the Titanic from an insurance perspective.

We start by discussing the background of the Titanic. Paul takes us through the history behind the construction of the Titanic as well as some stories relating to claims made during its construction.

We also discuss the voyage itself, some of the high profile passengers and their individual claims stories. Paul highlights one particular claim. "My favourite claim is related to the only automobile that was on board the Titanic, owned by a guy called William Carter who was transporting it from Paris to New York with him and he survived and claimed £3,100 for the car.  And this became the first ever claim for a vehicle damaged in a collision with an iceberg".  

In this episode we also discuss:

  • The insurance conspiracy theory of the Titanic
  • Insurance claims and pay-out resulting from the sinking
  • How the film The Titanic used some of the insurance claims when filming
  • The impact the sinking had on the insurance industry

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