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Corporate tax update, third quarter 2016

Published on 20 October 2016

Welcome to the latest edition of our Corporate Tax Update, written by members of RPC’s tax team and published quarterly.

Summer 2016 will certainly go down as one of the more interesting in recent British history but developments in UK tax law continue regardless of the wider political turmoil. In this edition we highlight some of the key tax developments of interest to UK corporates from the third quarter of 2016. As far as the tax legislative timetable is concerned, in this quarter: the Finance Bill 2016 finally received Royal Assent on 15 September 2016 (known as Finance Act 2016); it was announced that this year’s Autumn Statement will be given on 23 November 2016; it was also announced that draft Finance Bill 2017 clauses will be published on 5 December 2016 (for consultation until 30 January 2017).