AI (Part 1): Impact on litigation, responsible use and the regulatory landscape

Published on 29 May 2024

Welcome to The Work Couch, the podcast series where we explore how your business can navigate today's tricky people challenges and respond to key developments in the ever-evolving world of employment law.

To mark London Tech Week 2024 running from 10 -14 June, we are kicking off a new mini-series on AI to explore how it interacts with, and affects, employment law and the world of work.

In part one, host Ellie Gelder is joined by two of RPC's resident experts on AI: Olivia Dhein, knowledge lawyer in our commercial and banking litigation team, and Joshy Thomas, IP and Tech knowledge lawyer. Olivia and Joshy share their insights on AI's impact on litigation, how best to use it responsibly, and the regulatory landscape, including:

  • How AI is affecting litigation, including legal submissions, witness statements, legal analysis and e-discovery;
  • Fake case citations and the recent case of Harber v HMRC [2023] UKFTT 1007;
  • Regulatory considerations, including the EU AI Act and potential regulation in the UK;
  • Diversity and inclusion and the risk of under-representation in AI discussions; and
  • How AI could increase accessibility to legal advice. 

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