The Work Couch: Mental health at work (Part 4): Mental health first aid, with Simon Blake OBE

Published on 22 May 2024

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Trigger warning: The following page deals with themes around mental health, including suicide, severe mental health conditions and mental health in the workplace.

We are marking Mental health awareness week this month by devoting a four-part mini-series to mental health at work. In our concluding episode this week, Ellie is joined by Simon Blake OBE, Chief Executive at Mental Health First Aid England to explain the role of mental health first aid in the workplace.

We discuss:

  • The purpose of mental health first aid in the workplace;
  • How senior leaders play a critical role in implementing mental health first aid;
  • Key preliminary steps to take before rolling out mental health first aid;
  • The role of a mental health first aider and what it does not include;
  • How to prepare a mental health first aider for their role and ensuring they have appropriate support; and
  • The positive impact of mental health first aid at work and outside work.

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To access further support on mental health, you may wish to visit: the Samaritans, Mind, or Rethink. Or you can use the text service from Shout on 85258

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