Bossing the rules

03 December 2019. Published by Aimee Talbot, Knowledge Lawyer

Watch out for RPC's new blog mini-series on the SRA Standards and Regulations 2019.

The SRA's new Standards and Regulations 2019 ("StaRs") came into force on 25 November 2019. 

RPC will be examining a number of key changes over the next few months - look out for a new post every week focussing on a different aspect of the new rules. There are big changes - and not just in relation to the unleashing of freelance solicitors. 

Those of us in private practice will need to familiarise ourselves with StaRs as the new rules signal a shift towards greater individual accountability. There are now two separate codes of conduct: one applying to individual solicitors and one for firms. 

The rules are shorter, but (arguably) less clear. That means that there is greater room for error and misunderstanding. Our lawyers' liability and regulatory team will attempt to demystify the new rules bit-by-bit.  The first article in the series, in which we consider the obligation on solicitors not to mislead anyone, is due for release in the next week or so. 

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