Cyber Bytes - Issue 13

20 May 2020. Published by Richard Breavington, Partner and Christopher Ashton, Senior Associate and Rachel Ford, Partner

Welcome to Cyber_Bytes, our bi-weekly roundup of key developments in cyber, tech and evolving risks.

National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) launches cyber security awareness campaign after over 2,000 online scams identified

The NCSC has launched a cross-governmental coronavirus cyber awareness campaign, aiming to help individuals and businesses protect themselves from malicious cyber criminals.  Besides information on basic cyber security hygiene, the campaign will also include help and advice for people who are trying out services such as video-conferencing for the first-time during lockdown.

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Cyber criminals create fake NHS website

Security researchers at Kaspersky recently discovered a fake NHS website which lured internet users to download malware that is designed to steal passwords and credit card data from browsers and device files. The use of fonts, language and interface on the spoofed website was very similar to those used on the genuine NHS website.

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Malicious GIF vulnerability identified in Microsoft Teams

Cyber Ark have identified a vulnerability in Microsoft Teams that would have enabled malicious GIFs to be used to scrape users' data.  The vulnerability wold have affected every Teams user, but a fix was quickly issued.

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More needs to be done to make Auto vehicles more secure

Concerns over the security of automatic vehicles have surfaced after McAfee recently made headlines by hacking a Tesla vehicle and convincing it to speed on its own owing to a modified traffic sign. They simply used a small piece of black tape to alter the speed limit sign so that the Tesla read it as 85mph instead of 35mph. Cyber-security experts say improvements have been made, but more needs to be done before and during production.

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Financial Stability Board (FSB) publish consultation report

The FSB has released a report on 'Effective Practices for Cyber Incident Response and Recovery'.  The FSB has created a toolkit of 46 effective practices which aim to assist financial institutions in their response to and recovery from cyber threats.

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Investment Association (IA) launches cyber threat platform

The IA has launched a cyber intelligence platform to help investment managers protect their firms. The IA's Threat Intelligence Alert Network will provide a real-time dashboard which brings together alerts originating from law enforcement, government agencies and other relevant authorities on cyber hazards and risks.

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