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International construction disputes

No matter how many jurisdictions your dispute crosses, we are well placed to guide you through in and out-bound construction disputes.

Our team applies the same philosophy to international construction disputes as we do to domestic ones. We work with you to achieve the best outcome whether through the courts or in arbitration.

Through our membership of TerraLex, the international network of leading law firms, we manage and maintain a directory of specialist construction lawyers located in more than 150 jurisdictions across EMEA, the Americas and Asia. This gifts you access to more than 1,000 CIM lawyers. So no matter where you have a construction problem we will have local expertise on tap to help out.

Robert Hogarth, Head of Construction & Projects, is regional vice chair for the EMEA region of the Construction Infrastructure and Mining Practice Group of TerraLex.

Additionally, our offices in Hong Kong and Singapore are well placed to help with problems in the Asia Pacific region.

Examples of work

Bridge arbitration - successfully exonerated engineers in an ICA arbitration under Korean Law, with seat in Singapore, in a dispute about the adequacy of steel quantities in a bid for the widening of a bridge. The dispute involved a challenge post award based on alleged bias of our client's nominated arbitrator

Oil platform modifications - acted for the Operator of a North Sea Oil platform in a dispute over delays and lost production arising from the carrying out of modifications during the annual maintenance down period

Cairo Metro tunnelling collapse - advising on coverage issues arising out of a tunnelling collapse in Cairo, with Egyptian law applicable and forum seat in Zurich

British Embassy Berlin - acting for Johnson Controls and Arteos Grundstucksgellschaft MBH in a successful expert determination against the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (FCO) challenging the FCO's authority to remove part of the contractor's scope of services and breach of the contractual duty of good faith