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DORA The final countdown

Duration: 3hrs

Event type: Seminar

Provided by: RPC and Grant Thornton

The Digital Operations Resilience Act will establish a comprehensive framework across the entire EU financial sector, requiring a wide range of entities in the banking, insurance and investment sectors to effectively manage their ICT risks to ensure they can withstand all types of ICT-related disruptions and threats.

Financial entities will be expected to:

  • Have internal governance and control frameworks
  • Have a robust ICT risks management framework
  • Report major ICT-related incidents
  • Conduct threat led testing
  • Manage ICT third-party risk
  • Share and act upon information shared by the competent authorities regarding cyber threats and vulnerabilities

With all impacted organisations expected to be fully compliant by 17 January 2025, there is no better time to understand the requirements of DORA and implement the relevant changes to ensure compliance.

Join us and Grant Thornton on 23 May as we discuss the full range of DORA's requirements and what it means for #financial entities and ICT service providers.


Location: Past event