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Customs and excise

Customs and excise duty rules are complex and ever changing and the financial penalties for non-compliance can be severe.

It is vital that businesses and individuals comply with the rules to minimise any adverse financial or reputational impact which may result if they don't.

We can help importers and exporters ease the overall tax burden and boost businesses' competitiveness in the marketplace by taking advantage of the opportunities available to obtain relief on the payment of duties, and to devise effective and robust compliance systems.

Disputes with HMRC can arise. When they do, our experienced team of experts is able to assist. We have helped many businesses challenge arbitrary and often unlawful duty and tax demands made by HMRC.

We have achieved successful outcomes for clients in challenging HMRC on internal reviews, and appeals before the Tax Tribunals and higher courts, including to the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Relevant work

  • Tariff classification, including duty reduction through identification of alternative classification headings

  • Duty drawback

  • Excise and customs warehousing

  • Alcohol Wholesalers Registration Scheme

  • Excise duty diversion fraud and risk management

  • Detention and seizure of goods

  • Restoration and condemnation proceedings

  • Repayments/remission of duties

  • Export controls/sanctions

  • Penalty mitigation

  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) applications