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Support for litigation in other jurisdictions

Increasing globalisation is requiring clients to resort more frequently to action in courts outside their own jurisdiction, to support claims in their home jurisdictions.

Our litigators are used not only to working on cross-border disputes but also to support clients (and their local lawyers) who need to approach the English courts at certain stages of their litigation.

Examples of how we help lawyers acting in litigation in other jurisdictions are:

  • Seeking documentary evidence and/or testimony from English companies and individuals for use in foreign proceedings (Letters of Request). This can involve both obtaining orders from the English Court to give effect to Letters of Request, as well as opposing those applications. We can advise on how these are treated by the English courts to ensure the best chance of success, and on the application itself¬†

  • Enforcement of foreign judgments in the English courts. Where there are assets in England against which a judgment may be enforced, we can assist with investigations and asset tracing to establish if the English target is likely to be able to meet any judgment and we can advise on the enforcement proceedings themselves¬†

  • Where litigation is started abroad, we can help buy serving those proceedings on entities located in England.