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The scale and complexity of cyber-crime continues to grow. Cyber-criminals target institutions and individuals through various channels, including hacking, phishing and the installation of malware on vulnerable systems, utilising social engineering to augment these efforts. The effectiveness of such attacks has been compounded by the emergence of Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) which have facilitated cyber-fraud by permitting payments to be made outside of the traditional banking payment infrastructure.

Our cyber-fraud credentials are based on our core strengths in the following areas:

Our range of expertise allows us to provide rapid and targeted assistance to recover misappropriated funds or remediate data breach issues. 

Our pre-eminent Fraud & Investigations Group is known for acting on the largest fraud disputes and can act quickly to recover stolen funds, including obtaining the necessary injunctive relief and disclosure orders against banks to trace funds and identify wrongdoers.

Our offering also includes our market leading data breach response team, who work across the cyber insurance market as well as advising corporates.  As well as providing legal advice in breach response situations across numerous industry sectors, the team are well used to working with and co-ordinating a range of service providers, including technical, PR and notification services.  These services are brought together in the award winning ReSecure breach response product.

Whatever the nature of the underlying cyber-breach event, we can respond quickly and effectively with a tailored service.